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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Cambridge, OH

Dryer vent cleaning

Leasure Enterprises was called to this located for a dryer clean out. Customer stated she had thought her old dryer had went bad, so she purchased a new unit. After getting the new unit home and installed, the first load of clothes showed no change on the amount of time to dry. Using our arrival the dryer vent was located under a back deck. Upon first inspection the exterior of the dryer was completely covered in lint. Lint and cover removed, and cleaning took place. This was only 1.5 years since a brand new vent was installed in the house. Dryer Vent fires are real, and we recommend cleaning your vent at least twice a year.


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Roof Cleaning in Fairview, OH

Roof Cleaning in Fairview, OH

Leasure Enterprises was contacted to help bring this road facing section of this building back to life. With the correct low pressure equipment and knowledge, we were able to clean up the old siding, and shingles to add life and curb appeal back to this building. Service […]

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Restaurant Cleaning in Cambridge, OH

Restaurant Cleaning in Cambridge, OH

Well known local restaurant contacted Leasure Enterprises to clean up their outdoor seating area. High foot traffic, and grease made the outdoor area an eye sore. Leasure Enterprises effectively degreased, and steam cleaned the concrete back to clean. We even washed the siding, and top off […]

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